Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stepping Out

I know we all come across quotes, sayings, scriptures, etc. that inspire us daily.  Well, for me this picture spoke to me because it IS me!!!  In April I decided to take a leap of faith and join Rodan and Fields.  I was afraid and I did it anyway.  Now a few months in, I can tell you that it does feel SO good!  It feels good to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. 
My whole life I knew that I wanted to work with kids and be a teacher.  That's my comfort zone.  I know how to do it and I LOVE it.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be owning my own business and working in the network marketing/direct sales industry.  It's so surprising to me how much I love it!  I love owning my own business but having the support from my team and other consultants that I have met on different teams, I love how the products have improved my skin, and I love building my own team and sharing these products with customers who tell me how much it's helping improve their skin!  I love helping people and this company's motto is "Changing skin, Changing lives"  It's doing that for me.
I am so excited about this job and the sad part is I hide a lot of my excitement at times because I'm worried that if I talk about my job that people will assume I'm trying to get them to join my team or buy products from me.  So I'm admitting that right now and I'm letting this fear GO!  I would hope that my friends and family know me well enough to know that I am not the type to pressure anyone to do anything because quite frankly if the roles were reversed I wouldn't appreciate that being done to me.  I am PUMPED up about this job and I truly believe in this company!  I cannot tell you how many friends and family have supported me in this new journey.  I have saved every text, e-mail, note, etc. that people have written me about this new business venture.  Many of these people DO NOT buy products from me!  Support comes in many forms and I can think of several people off the top of my head that have asked me how my business is going when we've been catching up on the phone.  To everyone who has reached out to show their support THANK YOU.  I need it!  I need to hear that you believe in me because sometimes I get down and doubt myself.  I was so terrified when I joined this business that I paced our living room floor and called corporate to find out how to send my kit back if I decided this wasn't for me.  I couldn't believe I had stepped so far outside of my comfort zone.  I asked God, why in the world am I selling skincare!?!?  I had been praying for months about this and Ben and I knew it was the right fit for me but when I finally took that leap of faith and joined I was TERRIFIED and I wanted to revert back to what I knew.  I'm a school teacher!  I'm NOT a sales girl!!!  Well guess what!?  Come to find out, I'm not a typical sales girl and that's actually helping me be successful in this business because people know me, they know my character and they know that I'm genuine.  It is so liberating to have faith and trust in God's plan when you don't know how it's going to turn out.   
So why am I blogging about this?  Lately God has really been pressing on my heart to share that I stepped out of my comfort zone, share that I trusted in His plan for me, share that I was terrified and I did it anyway.  We all have moments in our lives where we have to make a decision.  Are we going to take that leap?  Whether it's a relationship, a new job, a major lifestyle change, etc. the point is that we have to take that jump not knowing how everything will turn out.  I'm a type A, plan everything kind of person. I like everything to be laid out and to fit in my pretty little boxes.  I know life doesn't work like that and how boring if it did but it doesn't make stepping out of your comfort zone any easier.
Support from people we love changes everything.  We need others to lift us up when we doubt ourselves.  Ben tells me every day that he believes in me. I am blessed to have a husband who supports me in everything I do!  I am blessed to be able to contribute to Callie Anne's medical fund and support my best friend through this business.  I am blessed to be able to help our family financially.  I am blessed to have many new friendships that I have made through this company.  The list of blessings goes on and on and to think that I almost missed this opportunity out of fear of the unknown.  What a life lesson to remember and apply to every area of my life!  
I'm learning and growing and it feels good.